At Churchill Gowns, we acknowledge our obligation to the planet, our clients, partners, workforce, and the community at large. We are committed to maintaining high ethical standards and integrity in our operations. Our operations have an environmental footprint, and we actively strive to minimize this by responsibly sourcing and utilizing materials and energy. We aim to reduce waste and manage it responsibly according to best practices. Our company is dedicated to contributing positively to the community and upholding our role as a responsible employer. Below are the values we uphold and the measures we have implemented to support our commitment to corporate social responsibility and ongoing enhancement efforts.


We engage with our suppliers to ensure that the materials used in our products are traceable and obtained through fair and ethical means. We regularly review and expect our suppliers to commit to high standards, including the principles outlined below: Quality We guarantee the quality of our products to our customers by using only the best materials and manufacturing processes. Together with our suppliers, we enforce quality control and traceability from the point of origin. Australian Sourcing We prioritize sourcing locally within Australia to minimize our carbon footprint.

For materials and products not available domestically, we partner with established, globally recognised suppliers. Sustainable Materials We take pride in manufacturing our academic gowns from a blend of recycled polyester, effectively saving the equivalent of 28 plastic bottles for every gown we produce. This commitment not only delivers quality to our customers but also demonstrates our dedication to sustainable practices.


Selection & Sourcing At Churchill Gowns, we engage in a careful selection and sourcing process with our partners to guarantee the finest quality in our graduation attire. Our commitment to complete transparency in our supply chain is unwavering. We value the cultivation of enduring partnerships with our vendors, some of which have flourished for numerous years. These strong bonds allow us to encourage eco-conscious design, diminishing environmental footprints from the outset and ensuring our products are durable or recyclable after their primary use.


Our direct connections with our suppliers empower us to ensure they adhere to ethical practices and environmental stewardship. It's our priority to confirm that they and their workforce receive equitable compensation for their goods. Supporting our small-scale suppliers is crucial to us, helping to maintain a steady flow of supply.


Churchill Gowns is dedicated to confirming that our supply chains are free from slavery, human trafficking, and child Labour. See our anti-slavery policy here.  Suppliers that do not meet our stringent standards will have their partnerships with us discontinued. We openly share our Modern Slavery Statement on our website for transparency. Communication Our approach includes direct, ongoing dialogue with our suppliers, upheld through regular communication and assessments, to ensure compliance with our high standards. The CSR criteria form an integral part of our supplier evaluations, mandating them to disclose their CSR commitments.


Giving Back Upholding our social responsibility, we pledge 10% of our profits to environmental charities and social enterprises. This reflects our belief that businesses should play a proactive role in addressing global challenges and contributing positively to society. Carbon Neutral Commitment To counteract our carbon footprint, we have partnered with Greenfleet, a leading environmental non-profit organization, to offset our emissions through various initiatives such as reforestation and investing in renewable energy.


Sustainability Policy At Churchill Gowns, we are dedicated to diminishing our ecological footprint by enhancing our energy efficiency and reducing waste. Our approach adheres to all pertinent environmental regulations and is guided by our commitment to continuous improvement. Through regular evaluations of our sustainability policy, our goals include:

  • Preventing pollution.
  • Shrinking our carbon emissions.
  • Economically and practically decreasing the use of natural resources.
  • Favouring environmentally sustainable goods and services, and considering the environmental practices of our business partners.
  • Promoting travel that is environmentally considerate. Climate Stewardship We acknowledge that our operations result in carbon emissions, which adversely affect the planet. Our proactive measures to lessen these emissions include:
  • Utilising fully renewable electricity products.
  • Engaging in the Carbon Offset Scheme, through our charity partner Greenfleet.
  • Transitioning to LED lighting.
  • Implementing a behaviour change program across all locations.
  • Establishing a thorough system for monitoring and reviewing energy usage.
  • We also ensure that our employees and partners are conscious of their environmental and social duties. Resource Efficiency & Waste Management Our mission is to continually minimize our environmental footprint by adhering to the principles of waste reduction. We prioritize the elimination of waste and, where unavoidable, its recycling, as we work towards our ambition of zero waste to landfill.
  • Our gown rental service operates without the need for single-use packaging.
  • All our packaging materials are 100% reusable, biodegradable, or recyclable.
  • Our fabric cutting techniques are designed to maximize material efficiency and minimize excess.


At Churchill Gowns, we believe that the heart of our success is our team and the ethical principles we stand for. We take immense pride in creating a supportive and dynamic work environment that aligns with our commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Below are the core employment values we uphold:

Inclusive Employment Practices

Churchill Gowns is steadfast in providing a workplace that celebrates diversity and ensures equality. We stand against discrimination in any form and are devoted to treating everyone with respect, regardless of age, disability, gender identity, marital status, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. We base our employment decisions on the merits of performance, qualifications, and skills to foster a fair and empowering environment for all our employees.


We recognize that the engagement of our staff is vital to our collective success. To keep our team connected and invested in our mission, we:

  • Regularly update staff on our company’s performance and pertinent daily operations.
  • Utilize noticeboards to share important announcements.
  • Conduct frequent team meetings to encourage open communication and collaborative decision making.


From the moment our employees join the Churchill Gowns family, we are dedicated to their personal and professional development. We provide initial training, followed by continuous opportunities for skill enhancement and career growth. Our supportive environment is designed to build confidence, job satisfaction, and awareness. We offer tailored training programs and endorse personal development initiatives that align with our company's core values.


Churchill Gowns ensures that every team member is compensated justly, in line with industry standards, for their dedication and hard work. We continually assess our pay structures to remain competitive and fair. We also take pride in recognizing and celebrating the long-term commitment of our team members with special acknowledgments.


At Churchill Gowns, our guiding light is drawn from the ethos of sustainability and excellence. This core tenet shapes our actions and radiates through our dedicated team and partners. We are committed to delivering an unparalleled experience to our customers across every touchpoint—be it in our showrooms, during ceremonies, on our digital platform, or over the telephone. Our staff are trained to embody courtesy, proficiency, professionalism, attentiveness, warmth, and assistance. We believe in coupling the charm of time-honored service with the efficiency of contemporary operations. In the rare event of a service shortfall, we are dedicated to responding with magnanimity. We employ consistent 'secret shopper' programs and actively solicit feedback from our customers and clients to gauge our service levels and drive perpetual enhancement of the experiences we offer.

Stefan Muff