How to wear your academic attire

How to choose the right gown size

Choosing the right graduation gown is super simple. Gowns are a loose-fitting garment that is worn over the top of your clothing, like a jacket and hangs down to the middle of your calf. To find the correct size, simply match up your height with the corresponding size. If you are in-between sizes or have particularly narrow shoulders then we recommend selecting a size smaller.  


Height (cm)

Height (ft)

XS 156cm and under 5'1" and under
S 157cm - 164cm 5'1" - 5'4"
M 165cm - 172cm 5'4" - 5'6"
L 173cm - 182cm 5'6" - 6'0"
XL 183cm - 194cm 6'0" - 6'4"
XXL 195cm and above 6'4" and above


How to choose the right graduation hat (mortarboard) size

Step 1: 

Use a flexible tape measurer to measure your head about 2cm above your ears.

If you don't have a tape measurer, then you can wrap a piece of string or length of paper around your head and then measure the string with a ruler. 

Step 2:

Match the circumference against the sizing chart below. All Churchill Gowns graduation caps feature a soft skull and adjustable elastic insert, allowing for some flexibility in sizing. However, if you are an in-between size, then we still recommend selecting a larger size. 


Mortarboard Size

Head Circumference (cm) 

Head Circumference (in) 

Small 52cm and under 20.5in and under
Medium 53cm - 55cm 20.6in - 22in
Large 56cm - 58cm 22in - 23in
Extra Large 59cm and above 23in and above

How to choose the right PhD bonnet size

Choosing the correct size for your PhD bonnet couldn't be simpler. All our bonnets come with an adjustable elastic insert which means they can comfortably and secularly fit all head sizes.

Hood sizing

All hoods are one-size-fits-all so sizing is never a concern.

Still have sizing questions? 

We're here to help. Our friendly customer service team are here to answer all of your sizing questions or check out our video on how to wear your academic dress.