The Unique Design Of Our PhD Bonnets

Our premium PhD hats have been designed to comply with the requirements of Australian universities. The rich velvet fabric and colourful cord (tassels) makes these PhD bonnets a perfect addition to your doctoral graduation ceremony and will certainly be treasured for years to come. You may even one day be able to pass on this PhD hat to future generations when they attend their own university graduation ceremonies.

These Australian PhD graduation bonnets (also often called Dr. graduations hats or Dr. graduation caps) are available to be purchased online, through our website, and can be delivered Australia-wide via regular or express post. Your PhD bonnet comes with an inner elastic insert which can be adjusted to fit your head size. No need to guess the correct size and wear an uncomfortable, incorrectly sized bonnet. To complete your PhD graduation attire, check out our PhD gowns, and to complete the look, a graduation bear is always an appreciated graduation gift.

We also supply PhD hats and graduation bonnets to a number of wholesale customers in Australia. If you are interested in ordering multiple PhD hats then please contact us via our wholesale graduation gowns and accessories page. For bulk orders we are more than happy to customize the doctoral bonnets to your exact specifications, including the colour of the velvet and tassels (cords). We would also be happy to send you a sample Tudor PhD bonnet so that you can examine the quality. Alternatively, our black felt mortarboards (graduation hats) are another popular item that are typically worn by students graduating from either an undergraduate or master's degree.

Origins and Purpose of PhD Graduation Hats

Academic PhD bonnets, also known as PhD hats and doctoral graduation hats are a part of the traditional attire worn during a PhD graduation ceremony. The origins of the PhD bonnet can be traced back to medieval universities in Europe, where they were worn by scholars to signify their knowledge and academic achievement. The purpose of the PhD bonnet today is to symbolize the culmination of years of hard work and dedication to a field of study, and to show respect for the traditions and history of academic institutions. During a PhD graduation ceremony, the doctoral candidate dons the bonnet to show their pride in earning the highest level of academic degree and to mark the formal recognition of their achievement.