What We Do

Churchill Gowns is a supplier of high-quality graduation gowns, mortarboards, hoods and graduation accessories to universities, schools and tertiary institutions throughout the UK, Australia and New Zealand. We strive to provide services that are more flexible and affordable than other suppliers, while maintaining focus on our core beliefs: ethical manufacturing, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We have a strong focus on producing graduation attire for our wholesale customers and pride ourselves in being able to design and manufacture custom pieces specific to their requirements. 

What Makes Us Different

Our streamlined business model allows us to provide the best value, high-quality graduation packages in the country. We offer recycled gowns made from post-consumer plastic waste that are the same quality as those used at all major universities. Our business operations are carbon offset through Climate Care, and we dedicate 10% of all our profits to funding charities and social enterprises.

Why It Matters

By choosing to graduate with us you can improve the lives of families living in disadvantage, providing them with an education and helping them step out of poverty for good. Choosing Churchill Gowns means choosing an ethical, high-quality, affordable and flexible supplier who strives to make a difference and improve the world in an effective, sustainable way, all while helping you save at your graduation!

For more information about our social and environmental initiatives, read here.