Churchill Gowns was started in 2012 before expanding to the UK in 2015. It has since served tens of thousands of customers. Gowning Street was founded in 2015 and now stocks a range of graduation attire for all the major universities in Australia. As two of the biggest online suppliers of graduation gowns in Australia, there's a lot to like about both these companies - let's take a look at what makes them different!


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Summary: Similar purchase prices but there don't appear to be any bulk discount options. Churchill Gowns also offers a hire option, is dedicated to donating 10% of profits to funding charities and social enterprises and offsets its carbon emissions through ClimateCare.

Graduation Products

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Summary: Similar quality bachelor and master's graduation gowns and mortarboards. However, the colours used by Gowning Street can sometimes be different to the University's official colours, as seen in the photos below.

university wholesale regalia

Official MACQ Hood

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Churchill Gowns MACQ Hood

Gowning Street vs Churchill Gowns hood

Gowning Street Macquarie Uni Bachelor of Arts Hood

Churchill Gowns also only sells graduation gowns made from a unique blend of recycled polyester and viscose with is both better for the environment and has a nicer hand-feel, crease resistance and drape than traditional gowns that are made from wool, cotton or polyester. Another innovation that we pioneered in Australia has been our flexible-fit graduation hats (mortarboards) with a soft foam cup are another innovation that is unique to Churchill Gowns. These trencher caps look more similar to the stiff cup mortarboards of old but are much lighter and more comfortable thanks to the elastic insert at the back. Churchill Gowns also offsets it's carbon emissions through ClimateCare and is committed to donating 10% of profits to ethical, sustainable and social causes.

Customer Service

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Summary: Both companies have a lot of experience serving students Australia-wide. However, Gowning Street does not have any published reviews on its website or facebook page, nor does it appear to have any official relationships with any universities.

Churchill Gowns is also more focused on environmental sustainability - we offset our carbon emissions, only use gowns that contain recycled polyester and donate 10% of profit to charities and social enterprises - and we have a better track record of matching the official university hood colours. At the end of the day, it comes down to what you value more - we'll leave that up to you!